First Meeting of 2020!

The first Stated Meeting of 2020 is officially in the books! The Worshipful Master, Bro. Efrain Rivera Jr. did a fine job leading the lodge in its first meeting, but that’s expected of a United States Navy Veteran!

The lodge was honored with a visitation by the District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District D, Bro.  Leonard A. Juliani, Jr. who brought the fraternal greetings of Bro. Thomas Gamon, Right Worshipful Grand Master of Pennsylvania! The District Deputy announced the new and continuing programs for the Right Worshipful Grand Master’s term which was well received.

Congratulations to Bro. Angel Roman, another veteran of the United States Navy, on being awarded the Grand Master’s Master Builder Award! What is the Master Builder Award you might ask? It, along with the Master Craftsman and Master Pillar Awards, is a personal journey in Freemasonry and recognition for having traveled as we are afforded the opportunity to do. It’s also bragging rights, so check it out!



The month of May brought more than spring May flowers! In honor of Mother’s Day, Tacony Lodge No. 600 held its first ever Mother’s Day Tea Party. Though small in number, the attendees had a great time!

Our Stated Meeting was our Junior Warden’s Night, where Bro. Richard Schoeniger, JW took the East and did so with confidence! The lodge will be in great hands when he gets to the East. His program was an actor who portrayed Bro. Benjamin Franklin from the time he arrived until the time he departed! The brethren had a great time listening and conversing with Bro. Ben, and the laughter could probably be heard a cabletow’s length from the lodge!

During the meeting, the lodge was honored with a Visitation by Bro. Leonard A. Juliani, Jr., DDGM Masonic District D. Brother Juliani presented Bro. Efrain Rivera, SW, with the Master Craftsman Award!

At our Extra Meeting, we passed two brothers to the Fellowcraft degree and initiated one candidate into the fraternity. Our lodge continues to grow!

Until next time!


Our April Stated Meeting consisted of a brief lecture on the English Freemasonry experience given by Bro. George Haynes who frequents England in his travels. Our dinner was a delicious spread of fish and chips. The meeting concluded with great fellowship.

Our lodge hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at the temple. Over two dozen kids hunted for over 200 Easter eggs and were visited by the Easter Bunny!

Our Extra Meeting brought three new candidates into the fraternity. The degrees were conferred by the Senior Warden and a Past Master. We have more work to do this month!




March came in like a lion, and stayed that way for much of the month. The lodge was no different. We’ve been staying busy between visitations, extra meetings, school of Instruction, and volunteer work.

Out March Stated Meeting paid tribute to Irish Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Ireland is the second oldest Grand Lodge in the world, younger only than the United Grand Lodge of England’s older than the third oldest Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. After an appropriate Irish meal, the Worshipful Master gave a presentation on the GL of Ireland.

At our Extra Meeting, we raised one brother to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. The fellowship afterwards at Tony’s Famous Pizza lasted hours into the night!

The end of March, our lodge was represented by 16 members at the Grand Lodge of New Jersey to witness the Entered Apprentice Degree conferred by Garibaldi Lodge No. 542 of the Grand Lodge of New York. What an experience!


Now as we look forward to April, we know our lodge will be busy! We will initiate five new candidates into the fraternity and there is even talk of a possible merger. Exciting times for Tacony Lodge!

February Meetings

Tacony Lodge continues to grow! This month, our lodge conferred the Fellowcraft Masons Degree at our Stated Meeting. After a taco bar dinner, the Worshipful Master conducted a Masonic Trivia game which was enjoyed by all. Everyone left knowing more than they did when they got there.

At our Extra Meeting on February 26, two Brothers were raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason! Bro. David Brett, WM, conferred the first Master Masons degree. The second Master Masons degree was conferred by the Shield and Square Club, a Masonic Club made up of Brothers who have served in law enforcement. The Shield and Square Club conferred this Degree on one of Philly’s Finest, a Philadelphia Police Officer. After our degree work, the lodge was closed and we moved over to Tony’s Famous Pizza for food and fellowship.


A New Year!

January brought in a New Year and with that, a new line of officers for this Masonic Year! Congratulations to our newly elected and appointed officers! Bro. David Brett, WM and a Past Master, has a great year in store for Tacony Lodge No. 600.

At our January Stated Meeting, our lodge paid tribute to Bro. Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland, whose birthday falls on January 25. If you’ve ever sang Auld Lang Syne, you my friends are reciting a Robert Burns poem! Click his name above to visit the WiKi page. A brief history of Robert Burns’ Masonic career was read after the Toast to the Haggis! We were also entertained by a bagpiper in true Scottish garb. Our Worshipful Master was also sporting a kilt, a brave task for a man of English background and for any man in January! What a great way to kick off the year!

This month we had not one but TWO Extra Meetings! The end of 2018 saw an influx of petitions to join our lodge and our degree work has continued to bring these great men into our fraternity. In the months to come, we will be conducting even more degree work as our lodge continues to prosper!