A New Year!

January brought in a New Year and with that, a new line of officers for this Masonic Year! Congratulations to our newly elected and appointed officers! Bro. David Brett, WM and a Past Master, has a great year in store for Tacony Lodge No. 600.

At our January Stated Meeting, our lodge paid tribute to Bro. Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland, whose birthday falls on January 25. If you’ve ever sang Auld Lang Syne, you my friends are reciting a Robert Burns poem! Click his name above to visit the WiKi page. A brief history of Robert Burns’ Masonic career was read after the Toast to the Haggis! We were also entertained by a bagpiper in true Scottish garb. Our Worshipful Master was also sporting a kilt, a brave task for a man of English background and for any man in January! What a great way to kick off the year!

This month we had not one but TWO Extra Meetings! The end of 2018 saw an influx of petitions to join our lodge and our degree work has continued to bring these great men into our fraternity. In the months to come, we will be conducting even more degree work as our lodge continues to prosper!

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